All  descriptions below yearbook photos are directly from the yearbook.

1964-1965 YEARBOOK

1965-1966 YEARBOOK

1966-1967 YEARBOOK

1967-1968 YEARBOOK

1968-1969 YEARBOOK

1971-1972 YEARBOOK

1972-1973 YEARBOOK

1973-1974 YEARBOOK ??

1975-1976 YEARBOOK. ??

1977-1978 YEARBOOK

1978-1979 YEARBOOK

1979-1980 YEARBOOK

Front Row: Dave Washler, Ronnie Reiber, Jeff Burke, Rick Alsip, Dean Reed, Matt O'Bryant, Kim Stanley, Tim Miller, Brad Walburn. 

Back Row: Kelly Stites, Scott Moore, Jim Dykes, Ron Braun, Greg Main, Travis Main.

1980-1981 YEARBOOK

1982-1983 YEARBOOK

1983-1984 YEARBOOK

1984-1985 YEARBOOK

1985-1986 YEARBOOK

1986-1987 YEARBOOK

1987-1988 YEARBOOK

1988-1989 YEARBOOK

1989-1990 YEARBOOK


Front Row: Josh Morris, Monte Gourley, Adrian Moulton, Colin Weaver.

Back Row: Tom Dujmovich, Matt Moulton, Coach Mark Wolfe, David Ferguson, Ned Breedlove. 

Front Row: Beth Hutto, Kirsten Miller, Connie Foutz, Tonya Mays, Krista Wagner. 

Back Row: Coach Mark Wolfe

1990-1991 YEARBOOK

As Athletic Director Terry Swindell times his performance, senior cross country runner Adrian Moulton finishes a race. 

Cross Country runner Andy Kretz outpaces his nearest competitor on MC's home course. 

During practice, cross country runners Jeff Randall and Ryan Braun run miles in order to build their endurance for competitive runs.

Cross Country coach Ron Braun gives runner Matt Oliphant some instruction during a practice session. 

Clearly feeling the exhaustion of running in Indiana's heat and humidity, cross country runners Ryan Braun and Jeff Randall turn a corner on MC's home course.

Varsity Cross Country Team Front Row: Rachal Lott, Matt Oliphant, Adrian Moulton, Jeff Randall, Kirsten Miller. Back Row: Matt Acree, Brad Huston, Ryan Braun, Andy Kretz, Kevin Cope, Mike Jellison, Coach Andy Bly

1991-1992 YEARBOOK

A sweat-drenched cross country runner, Brad Huston, catches his breath after finishing another grueling home meet. 

These varsity cross country runners are off at the beginning of a home meet. 

Cross Country runner Matt Oliphant sets the pace during a home meet. 

Cross Country coach Ron Braun gives team members Colin Weaver and Scott Moyer a few last-minute tips before a home meet. 

Cross Country runner Matt Oliphant keeps up his pace as he runs at the Bears home course. 

Front Row: Jeff Gaddis, Matt Acree, Matt Oliphant, Jason West

Second Row: Andrew Wagner, Ben Morris, Scott Moyer, Jimmy Sliger, Brad Huston.

Back Row: Coach Ron Braun, Mike Jellison, Steven Byrd, Colin Weaver, Kevin Cope, Coach Bob Braun.

1992-1993 YEARBOOK

Sophomore cross country runner Andrew Wagner outpaces his nearest competitor during a home meet held on the school's campus.

Senior cross country runner Matt Oliphant runs the home course during a meet. 

Front Row: Mike Jellison, Jimmy Sliger, Matt Acree, Matt Oliphant, Ben Morris, Trevor DeVoss, Jody Kress.

Back Row: Scott Moyer, Steve Byrd, Darr Smith, Andrew Wagner, Brad Huston, Jason West, Coach Bob Braun. (Not Pictured: Coach Ron Braun).

1993-1994 YEARBOOK

Varsity Cross Country runners Ben Morris, Darr Smith, and Scott Moyer get set and ready for the starer's shot to begin the race. 

A winded varsity cross country runner Trevor DeVoss crosses the home course finish line. 

Front Row: Joe Dance, Marc Oliphant, Shane Sexton, Jared Brockman, Josh Thomas, Matt Hale.

Second Row: Keith Combs, Mike Jellison, Trevor DeVoss, Jody Kress, Matt Deckman, Rhett Kimble.

Third Row: Coach Ron Braun, Ben Morris, Scott Moyer, Jimmy Sliger, Jason West, Darr Smith, Aaron Shires, Brad Huston. 

1994-1995 YEARBOOK

Cross country runner Joe Dance runs the long distance home course.

As track coach Mike Simons urges him on, senior cross country runner Andrew Wagner runs the MC home course.

Junior Maria Porto runs toward the finish line while in home cross country competition. 

Front Row: Maria Selke, Missy Hale, Amy Hernly, Amy Wright, Maria Porto.

Middle Row: Coach Ron Braun

Back Row: Matt Deckman, Kenny Ellis, Aaron Shires, Jody Kress, Andrew Wagner, Ben Morris, Jimmy Sliger, Shane Sexton, Josh Thomas, Rhett Kimble, Joe Dance, Josh Miller, Jared Brockman, Trevor DeVoss, Kyle Wilson.

1995-1996 YEARBOOK

1996-1997 YEARBOOK

1997-1998 YEARBOOK

1998-1999 YEARBOOK

1999-2000 YEARBOOK

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